Monday, 31 October 2011


Wemedia is the term used to define normal people who partake in ever media activity and share it with others. We media has been one f the main parts in broadcasting many different things in our 21st century generation of technology. Many people own iPads and phones where digital images can be recorded and videos which can show many different things that are going on around. This is an example of the citizen reporter where by we report the things around us. An example of this is during 9/11 where the twin tower collapsed and many people were able to record the events which are on various sites like youtube. Many people also joined blogging sites where they could instantly upload things and pieces of text which people followed. we media is the convergence of the audience’s evolving wants, desires and need to engage intersecting with media, technology, information and the i-want-it-now-daddy mentality.

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