Thursday, 10 May 2012

Digi pak Plan

A Brief plan on what i would like to include on my Digi Pak


 This is my Evaluation for the whole project the questions that have been answered are :
In what ways does your media use, develop or challenge forms of real media products?

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text?

What have you learnt from your audience feedback? 

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
 Media Evaluation

Music video

Black and white version of My music video
this is our final version of the video 

Colour Version

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

One minute extract

J Cole - Work out (one minute extract)
What skills have you used in the production of this extract
Because I only had one minute to try and create a video that used a lot of effects and creative thinking. This also helped to train myself in using software to create my actual coursework. The beginning of the video I used a filter to change the colour of the video like the original one. It made it look much brighter like the artist was living in a dream world and thinking about how events that led up to him being able to date a girl. I also had to try and get the artist to lip sync to the video and it worked very well as he was also riding a bike. The second scene of the video a tracking shot of the two females walking was used to show there journey to the main artist playing with the basket ball. The group start to play basket ball and one of the females shoot the ball in the hoop but miss. Another effect was used here as i reversed the shot 3 times to show the ball going in and out and then continuing with the shot. The bright filter has still continued through the video. Some of the shots have been zoomed in as well.

How this video conforms or subverts the conventions of your chosen genre
the video conforms to the conventions my chosen genre which is hip hop and we can see this by the setting of the one minute extract. I shot the video in a basket ball court where a lot of hip hop videos are shot with a typical scene with girls and boys mixing together. The artist is also riding a bike around the area which shows a youthful life as it is also typical for boys to ride bikes to such places like park ect. The artist is also wearing typical clothing of a hip hop artist which are mainly tracksuits and baseball hats. We could say it is stereotypical of a black male to wear such but it also ignites the obvious and straight away tells us what kind of video is going to show. The ending scene where the male shows signs of interest to the girl is also another typical factor showed in the majority of hip hop videos.  the type of girls showed in these videos are called vixens but we were unable to show other scenes with girls present as they were further along in the video.

What this had made you include/reconsider about your own coursework (if at all)?
Thought out my planning i have seen that i would like to change up the original conventions of a hip hop music video and not make it obvious that is.  So I will be taking some of the typical conventions of a hip hop video and be using them in my own but rather the females would be the focus of my actual video rather than the male. Also, there are many effects that will need to be added to the whole of my video. Just practicing with this one minute extract has also brought more ideas to include in my actual video to make it as creative as possible.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


As part of my research is important that i specifically state which kind of props that i will be using for my music video. Props

Pre production

    1) Shooting Schedule


    • Our shooting schedule has been structured upon our lesson times, free periods and outside of school times. We aim to optimize our free periods to the best of our advantage as they are very scattered and scarce between the three of us within the group.
    • The schedule has also been affected by two of members due to their employment schedules.
    2) Roles and Responsibilities of the group

    Ama Adusei
    • Market Researcher: Responsible for the Market research of out chosen target audience. Searching for what we need that will be of favor to hip-hop fans.  
    • Talent Scout: Searching for useful actors for the music video, suitable to the genre.
    • Actor: Major role within Music video 

    Amina Bogle Barriteau
    • Editor: Edits the shots and film upon final cut pro, final editing upon all photos associated with artist, which is particularly used for the ancillary task.
    • Director: Focusing upon the cinematography, filming as the photographer at photo-shoots.
    • Actor: Plays major role within Music Video.
      Faith Balogun 
      Costume Designer: Responsible for organising artist's and actors costumes, in music video as well as ancillary task. Prop organiser: Researches props as well as supplier of props. 
      Actor: Plays major role within Music Video

      3) Mood board for inspiration, l
      ook for the Artist

      • We are using the 'Skater boy'meets 'Hip-Hop' look. A new emerging retro form of Hip-Hop mad famous by the following artists. The Mood board represents the look we are trying to create with our artist within the music video.

      Music Videos we are trying to re-create
      • Kanye West- Jesus Walks, Great use of narrative and serious matter. The use of intertwining mini stories were most attractive. The dominant use of African-American character showing an honest representation of Black American society, almost as an exposure.
      • Lil Wayne - How to Love is a music video we aim to use. The Music video discusses important social matters of today's society and is very relate-able  to many people especially fans of our Hip-Hop genre

      5.  Details of our Music video 

      A. What is the video’s theme?
      Our group has to decided to used a suicidal and depression theme within our music video as it is closely matched to the subject matter of the lyrics. 

      B. What are its mood progressions?
      The mood progression deteriorates from contentment to deep depression. We aim to present this through characterization.

      C.What kind of location should each sequence have?
      Each sequence would use a domestic places (our personal homes) or public areas e.g. Bridges, kitchens and forests.

      D. What statement should each location make towards the video’s premise?
      Each setting would contribute to the narrative. The desolate forest would show the isolation of the character or the heights of the bridge would increase the intensity of the situation.

      E. How should each set be lit?
      As natural as possible to present realism.

      F. What kind of props go with the set?
      Items associated with drug use, beauty and sex. For example Condoms, pills, belts, mirrors, hair brushes and makeup. 

      G. What kind of belongings do the characters keep around them?
      Faith's character - The Drug Addict: Pills and alcohol flask
      Ama's character -  Sexual: Condoms
      Amina's Character- Make up and mirrors

      H. What kind of clothes does each character wear and what do the clothes tell us?
      Faith's character - Tramp, ripped and dirty clothes shows how severity of drugs
      Ama's character -  School Uniform presents innocence 
      Amina's Character-  Purposefully unflattering outfits/ Tom boyish look enhances the idea of confusions of Identity.

      I. What colour palette and progression would promote the video’s thematic development?
      To keep a minimalist tone we are likely to use black and white or use and effect to make the colours appear pastel.

Story board

In the beginning of the storyboard we have the opening narrative without music setting the beginning of the narrative. The opening shots introduce the characters and their potential outcome at the end of the Music Video. we wanted to reverse this shot because it was a twist to the video rather than the ending being at the end to lift the audience at the edge of their seats so they would want to continue watching it and find out what happened.
  1. The split screening of three characters, medium shots and the use of spot lighting to place emphasis upon the characters. The shot is supposed to be reminiscent of a also makes the video seem as if it is a short movie leading up to events that end in the death of the girls.
  2. A dip to black transition to emphasize a blink, Over the shoulder shot and zooming in upon the words HIV the audience then feel emotive as they have realised that some one will die from an incurable disease. Using normal room lighting. The zooming in is supposed to induce shock and suspense questioning what will happen next. This shot is supposed to show the audience as a fly upon the wall peering in therefore the shot should last longer.
  3. A close shot upon character's face to highlight grief and misery, zooming in upon a tear. it slowly lowers and scans her whole face to show each and every feature.This is Used to spark emotion among the audience. To have a lasting effect upon the audience. Use of trampy and ragged clothing to showcase her troubles.
  4. The next sub story, establishing shots of the bathroom, to meet second character staring into the mirror from an other the shoulder shot zooming in through the reflection the mirror to highlight almost faint look upon the character's face. 
  5. A birds eye view shot over body upon the floor to show venerability, possibility of questionable death using enigmatic techniques. 
  6. Establishing shot of bridge showing the enormity and height creating suspense as well as fear among the audience to a side shot of the third character standing nervously by a bridge. Natural lighting used to promote realism and a swift transitions to show the severity and sudden nature of the narrative.
  7. The side view of flowers and pictures with candles associated with memorials, natural lighting used once more to highlight realism and a slow closing transition almost reminiscent like the end of a dream. 
  8. Then met by a medium shot of the artist holding the  guitar to highlight the beginning of the song. A clear background to highlight minimalism and his detachment from the story.
9.  Medium shot tracking shot of the first Character walking along with her boyfriend, however an argument breaks out and the break loose. Natural lighting used to promote realism of a normal day.
Initially shows how broken the relationship and highlights the problems

10. A lightening transition to show the severity of the situation matching the action of the slap. Medium shot of how boyfriend attempts to slap character 1 and then a zoom into the face of character 1 to highlight fear.

10 A. Medium Shots of the artist walking and singing.The artist needs to be seen in his garments so that the audience are able to look at him as the best hip hop artist about.

11. A medium shot of the character 1 holding card telling story of how 'He promised he would never hurt me' to aid the narrative and provide context. Spotlight used to show individuality against other stories.

12. (Same as Shot 11 however holding " I feel sick")

12 A. Medium Shots of the artist playing guitar. want to capture a tight shot of the artist playing an instrument which is very unusual in a normal hip hop video.

13. Over the shoulder shot of Character 3 gazing at the mirror looking distressed using normal room lighting. Zoom into the reflection of the mirror where character 3 will keep fussing over facial insecurities. Use of the lighting transition when character 3 slaps the mirror to embellish the anger and hurt towards the audience.

14. (Same as Shot 11, however using Character 3 and text "Why am I so ugly")

15. Medium shot of Character 2 resting by a table with crack cocaine resting upon a table wiping nose looking nervous trying to get sympathy from the audience as well as shock factor. 

16. (Same as Shot 11, however using Character 2 and text "Only a little bit of fun right)

16 A. Close up of the artist singing mouthing the words so add to the sincerity of the music also helps with the realness of it enabling the audience to keep track of the song.

17.  Birds eye view shot over Character 2 sniffing drugs to show ho low she is and however inferior the character is to the audience. Presenting Character 2 to look small. The Birds eye view used to make the audience seem as a judgmental spectator.   

18. (Same as Shot 11, however using Character 1 and text "He's cheating on me I know it.")

19. Slow motion fight scene against Character 1 and boyfriend zooming in upon the punches to embellish the severity of the situation and igniting fear among audience. Zooming in as the Character 2 holds her stomach in pain to infer pregnancy of other disease.

19 A. Medium shot of artist playing guitar in studio.
20. Zooms in upon Character 2 face and extreme zoom in upon tear rolling down cheek, emotive visual sparking sadness among the audience. The transitions of dip to colour brought back same as the beginning to showcase the reason as to character's downfall.

21. (Same as Shot 11, however using Character 3 and text "Why do people laugh at me?")

23. Medium shots of bullying scene of character 3 and the breakdown and physical outrage flipping of chairs, screaming and punching walls. To ignite sympathy among the audience as well as sadness. 

24. The split screen leading back to the circumstances within the beginning. 

25. Ending with artist outside, with guitar swaying back and forth.