Monday, 28 November 2011


On December 2, 2008, Sling Media announced the public launch of, an online video entertainment destination. Users can go to to watch clips, TV shows, films, news and sports. This includes video programming from over 90 content providers spanning 150 content brands. In addition to the on-demand offerings, Slingbox owners could connect to their Slingbox through the website, making their Slingboxes available without a software client download.On January 6, 2009, Sling Media unveiled a prototype of their HD solution for Mac OS X. SlingPlayer for Mac HD is a web-based version of the SlingPlayer software that will be accessible from Sling Media also revealed that they would not release a standalone desktop version of SlingPlayer for Mac HD. This signaled Sling Media's intent to cease developing the standalone desktop versions of their software, and to begin migrating users to for access to their Slingbox.

What is twitter

Twitter is a social netwotrk which uses instant updating for people to communicate, share music and images and also retweet news around the world. it was founded in 2006 but only recently started becoming popular as  many celebrities and other people used it daily with up to 300 million tweets a day.
twitter has also been used for negative reasons like super injunctions ,bullying and other reasons like supporting the london riots.

Web 3.0 (The semantic web)

The key iudeas about the upcoming web 3.0 are different sided as some people believe that it will not it is not a new 'point oh' but only an upgrade from what is there already. Sonja hyde-moyer is being quiet sarcastic about it saying that there is too many point ohs coming out but we are not really breaking it down to see the main features of it.
Others believe that web 3.0 is just simply an upgrade of the features that are on the internet and web 2.0 has only been invented.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Clay Shirky

Analyse shirky’s theory of media development and audience transformation.

Media has developed greatly threw the years online, print and on the televisions.  The way media has adapted has been seen as nearly as smart as the human brain. Media has definitely had such a positive input into the way we trade news feed and the way we communicate. Media could also be seen as a negative for many reasons such as security and also global censorship. In shirkys speech he talks about the way media has developed greatly and how audiences have transformed.

Shirky describes the way that the government have used the internet to promote a rise to gory. He uses the example of Barack Obama’s elections and how has it changed the way the audience are involved with voting and opinions. He created a website called and Obama changed a law that he said he wouldn’t change. His own supporters were very angry that he changed his mind on this law as it did not suit what they wanted as a president. Shirky used this example for a number of reasons. it was the fastest growing group on this net  then the largest group because of the comments people voiced on his page. Many of his supporters had mane comments on the reasons why Obama changed his opinion. Shirky then states that media online gave people the chance to have conversation and discussions about the disagreement. however Obama made a statement apologising about his change in opinion and publicly posted it online but he  still wanted to change the laws and ended up sticking to it but the pubic changed their ways after h made the statement and respected him for it. This shows the way that the audience can at any time post things online in a split second and can be seen globally.

Shirky points out the way that media has transformed to suit the purpose of the audience from Printing press, telegraph telephone, recorded media movies, televisions, internet support for groups and conversation shirky looks at the way People can be producers and  consumers. By this he means that people in the public can produce media and also receiver it , it is a big group thing that never happened before. In the olden days a conversation could only ever be by word of mouth but now more than 10 people ca be involved in one conversation.

As media coverage has is pros and cons shirky then goes on to talk about the China earthquake which was measured at a 7.9 magnitude. The earthquake reported as it happened which is an example of citizen reporting as the public are able to produce media coverage. QQ which Is Chinas largest internet service was able to get the different feed from people reporting about the earthquake. Many people were  listening and viewing the news from all over the world. Even the  BBC got their news over tweets from china. The last time china had an earthquake it took them 3 months for the government to make the event official this is because they did not want the world knowing that there was such an  event that took place so people from outside China would not be involved. This shows a negative into Chinas media as many things in the country are sill undiscovered. However Shirky states that citizens gave reports about the earthquake via twitter and the government got their news from the public. As the news spread across the globe, The  top searches were about the quake. Donations sites were set up in hours of the earthquake happening.
Great fire wall of china is chinas biggest internet server and  because of the citizen reporting in China, this fire wall as used during the anniversary of Tiananmen Square they were shutting down all access to twitter so news could not be filtered out from china. This shows how vast and clever media coverage in china is because of the way they are able to create national censorship ad security. This example shows how shirky is right about the way media has changed and how the audience are able to adapt to it.

Media is global and social has grown into a big network of humans, the public can talk back to one another but not only that but they can speak to everyone at the same time and not be disconnected. The size of the network is always growing and will never stop growing because o the amount of media that can be produced every second. We know this by the way there different media devices that we can walk around with phones and ipads.  
In conclusion it is evident that media is changing and transforming all the time. Shirkys theory on media is a good coverage on what is in store for the future as the past has adapted so well.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Another reason why media has failed reality

as many of you now Kim kardashian recently got a divorce from Kris Humphreys. The reality Tv show Keeping up with the kardashians has had a big input into the way this daily have been portrayed in a good and bad way. i Believe that reality tv has spoilt this family and marriage because fame has been a part of their daily life for a long time. this has been an input into their divorce for. sometimes media can have a negative input in a persons life in this instance they were always up in their business and they never really had a private life unfortunately but oh well celebrity marriages never last for me !

is she really pregnat ?

ok so beyonce is one of y favourite singers and im really doubting her pregnancy. This was her perforing last night At  Jimy Fallo show looking erm.... NOT PREGNANT. if she isnt pregnant then i dont see what the problem is in telling the truth. the way media is spreading about her not being pregnant was a bit blunt but it looks like she is proving the right even though i dont like to think of it hmmmm beyonce ! 

Friday, 11 November 2011

how to love

The editing showed in this scene is her walking in slow motion which add to the drama of her turning away in misery from her HIV test results. A good way to show emotion is the way that the scene shows how she has reacted, ad by this they used  slow motion to capture the emotion of the womans face and also her fear as she runs of out the hospital. Another use of effects is the way they review the ladies life through all that she has been through. The edit used is a fast forward type effect which adds to the drama and also has an input into telling the story of the woman as her life is played back in a flashback way. the type of editing in this video is not of a regular hip hop video apart from the scene where the girl is in a strip club

Everything in the scene includes different objects and people, the main aim of this song was to tell a story so different parts of the scene link to what the lyrics are saying. there are also a diverse range of characters in this video with different ethnicity ,Unlike a normal hip hop video where most of he people are of  black origin.

the main shots used in this video are medium and long shots.
medium- using a medium shot can either get the whole body in a shot and show it up close. the producers of this video did this because it was a video for showing emotion. 
long shot- using a long shot in a video is more useful if effects are going to be used because then we can see he effects used at its maximum e.g. slow motion.

Shooting schedule for A2 coursework

Period 1 &2
Media lesson
Period 3&4
Shooting media video
Media lesson
Shooting media video
Period 5&6
Shooting media video
Shooting media video
Shooting media video
After school
Shooting media video
Shooting media video
Shooting media video

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


The UK is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world due to the capital London. Also many of the people living in London like to go travelling abroad rather than staying here all the time. The travel market in The Uk is one of the biggest markets with millions travelling every year. Despite this drop, passenger numbers are still at some of their highest levels in recorded history.
Spain and France remain the most popular visitor and holiday destinations by far.
 The USA is the most popular long haul destination, with 2.5 million UK residents holidaying there in 2008.
 Mintel’s Domestic Tourism report estimated a 5% growth in UK domestic tourism for 2009.
Mintel also reported that in 2009, 2.5 million adults took ‘staycations’ - a period of time in which an individual or family remains at home or takes day trips to local attractions returning home to sleep.
 Enjoy England reports that UK residents made over 84 million trips within the UK for the purposes of holiday1 in 2009.
 According to Forrester more than 10% of European internet travellers use their mobile phones to look up flight or train schedules2.
 Research by Compete showed that based on overall site traffic to industry websites, industry recovery from the recession began in 2009.

Although holidays were very important to many people during the recession many people could not afford holidays as many people were made redundant and could not afford expensive holidays. This is where the idea of cheap holidays and cheap hotels came in. many people looked for an easy way to get out for a break even if it was within the country.
Apart from online sources many people go to travel agents to find cheaper packages for their holidays.

Year on year, there has been a decrease in the search for city breaks, though the gap between volumes in 2008 and 2009 lessened in May.
The decrease in searches for city breaks could well be due to consumers’ preference to spend on – and therefore research – one long holiday rather than a number of smaller breaks. This is indicative of people’s attitudes to large purchases being less impulsive and more considered - planning longer holidays which make the most of their money.

Also there are many peak times where people travel many being seasonal and occasional the surveys shoed that men travel most during new years or during the time of each others stag dos,And these occasional/festivals show group travelling where many people travel at one time.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Web 2.0

Michael Wesch is a cultural anthropologist exploring the effects of new media on society and culture. He has researched into media and the use of the internet throughout our generation

He is famous for creating web 2.0 which referred to as this idea of the "Web as a platform". The concept was such that instead of thinking of the Web as a place where browsers viewed data through small windows on the readers' screens, the Web was actually the platform that allowed people to get things done. But this really didn't catch on. In fact, it's fairly hard to grasp what that really means.

Web 2.0 has affected the way we relate to others because it shows us how our online technology has adapted so much to suit us. This gives us the change to view all ways in which we have been able to communicate with people online just by the click of a mouse.

Web 2.0 is significant for media studies because it gives us so much to write about and how we can use this information o talk about how media has changed for ourselves. Everything to do with internet sources is always linked back to media so it therefore a great way for us to write our own opinions and any other information we believe about technology today.
Internet- it has showed us various ways in which our online media has adapted throughout the years from tagging people so it can be linked worldwide, blogging and commenting has given people a voice. Some may argue that online media has adapted too much that it has become unsafe.

There are many things the future holds for the use of the internet. Due to the fact that it is evident that our media is ALWAYS changing there is no doubt that what we have already will be even greater and smarter. Media is always changing to it is CERTAIN that something different and unique will take over. We could even ay our media could become as smart as the human we never know.

Monday, 31 October 2011


Wemedia is the term used to define normal people who partake in ever media activity and share it with others. We media has been one f the main parts in broadcasting many different things in our 21st century generation of technology. Many people own iPads and phones where digital images can be recorded and videos which can show many different things that are going on around. This is an example of the citizen reporter where by we report the things around us. An example of this is during 9/11 where the twin tower collapsed and many people were able to record the events which are on various sites like youtube. Many people also joined blogging sites where they could instantly upload things and pieces of text which people followed. we media is the convergence of the audience’s evolving wants, desires and need to engage intersecting with media, technology, information and the i-want-it-now-daddy mentality.

Monday, 17 October 2011

craftsman theory

The CraftsmanThe Craftsman theory - Sennett argues that the craftsman’s realm is far broader than skilled manual labor; the computer programmer, the doctor, the parent, and the citizen need to learn the values of good craftsmanship today.  Richard Sennett (Sociologist) In the 21st century people are starting to make things and are becoming more creative. Websites like YouTube and MySpace have allowed audiences to distribute their work. This has lead social well-being and increased self-esteem.
This theory shows that new technology from today is the work of a craftsman and that it has had a big input in our world today and from what i can see Richard Senette says that these types of work is far more important than manual labour as it has built an empire of business in itself this
Senett Believes that media today has had a big input into our generation in a number ways in which people work.

Long tail theory

The long tail
What is the long tail?
The long tail is a theory that is used to describe our culture and economy is increasingly shifting away from a focus on a relatively small number of “hits” (mainstream products and markets) at the head of the demand curve and toward a huge number of niches in the tail.
The term Long Tail has gained popularity in recent times as describing the retailing strategy of selling a large number of unique items with relatively small quantities sold of each – usually in addition to selling fewer popular items in large quantities.