Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cast members

J Hustle the main artist we are using for our music video. His task is to sing the choruses and verses in the song How to love as this is the song we are using. He is supposed to be a an american hood artist who is releasing his new song. The reason behind his name beign J Hustle is that it fits the market criteria for hip hop as they use other names for their stage name rather than their real one.

Ben(left)- he is the abusive husband in the relationship who abuses his wife played by ama. his role is to bring out the emotion within the song and show actions of abuse to his wife. We used him because he looked suited for the role we wanted him to play.
Ama- the wife to an abusive huband. who is pictured above. she has suffered years of abussed which is portrayed throught the scenes in the video.
Faith- Faith has been subject to drug abuse and started taking them at an early age.  In the end she dies as the drugs had taken over her .

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Conventions of a hip hop video


The editing showed in the first scene is her walking in slow motion which adds to the drama of her turning away in misery from her HIV test results. A good way to show emotion is the way she has reacted was by using slow motion. The colour of the video is quiet blue and it makes it look cold and dim.  most of the video has been played in slow motion because it looks as if it is a preview of the girls life as she grows up.

the lighting within the video is natural light used to show a day time scene. during the parts where they are in the club stage lights of different colours were used. during the scene where the lady finds out her test results the lighting is really bright and almost shows her looking pale which makes i look like she has woken up from a dream.

Everything in the scene includes different objects and people, the main aim of this son was to tell a story so different parts of the scene link to what the lyrics are saying.

As the song is rather slow and subtle the sounds are not heavy except for the drum beat as it drops. There is also a little bit of script which is rather emotional so it has been played over the music.

Cultural references
There are many cultural references to this video. A lot of black people go through a lot of deprivation and many are subject to abuse from their partners. The video clearly shows this.

Social Values
The video might affect people in the sense that it is quiet a sensitive topic and some people go through this.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Digi Pak 3

This is another album cover of the artist song we are using for our music video. this is his current album. Lil waynes albums have been following him through his journey of being a baby to a boy. His previous albums were of him as a new born baby and a todler and now a primary school student. The smart idea is that he adds all of his facial tattoos and piercings to his baby pictures to show that he was still some sort of a gangster when he was little. the emphasis on him growing up is the graduation costume he is wearing. To make his actual image stand out ,the background is white with his clothing strong and bold colours. The font is quiet simple with the number of the album in roman numerals like all his previous ones. There is also important information placed on the album where everyone will see it which is 'parental advisory' which shows that the album may not be for younger children to listen to.

This is the cd for the album and it is very simple with only big text covering the whole CD and a red background with thin white lines going down it. the trademark colour of this album is defiantly red.

This is the back of the Album and it still has red present on it. This time the image of the artist is of him as he is now but blurred into 3 different images and it gets fainter. The Song titles like all other songs have been placed on the back of the album. the back cover looks very dark and dingy. Recording labels are also on the album with different types of logos and names of producers.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Digi pak 2

This is another hip hop artist digipak entitled 'pink friday' The album has been made to suit the barbie type As you can see the artist herself has been dressed to look like barbie . her legs have been made longer. the background is baby pick which is barbies trademark colour. The album title has also been placed at he bottom of the album with the pink in the font of barbie. The artist costume is quiet extreme wearing a gown like a princes would and also wearing a pink wig.

This is the back of the didpak and it has all the song titles listen on it. The artist is also present on the back of the didpak posing very prominently like a barbie. The album name is on both sides of the album with a thin pink background. like most other albums any copyright information has been placed there along side any of the recording labels. the whole album covers the title name which is pink Friday and a lot f the features are pink like her clothing and the background.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Digi pak Analysis 1

As part of my research for my music video, i have had to look at different types of advertisin ad media platorms in which i could sell my album. i am going to loo at 3 different digipaks and analyse the suitabilty and the effectiveness it has on the album. The first digipak is lil waynes album 'i am not human' this album is very bold with the colours and the way he colours have been diffused to make it look like he is not on earth.the background has also been blured with a solid image of him standing which makes it seem as if he is looking for the right place to go. the writing also has a signature design to it and it is distorted . his sunglasses have been completely blocked out with the reflection of what he is looking at and makes it look like alien eyes. there are not much characters in the actual cover but the colours ,writitng and his posing work well together to produce a digipak that relates to his album.

This is the back of the album and it has the same colour scheme as the front but this time the artist is walking away from the scene and his face is black and white. His clothes are also quiet trashy and earth looking which ma represent the face that he has been looking every where for something we may not know but has had no luck in finding it. all the tracks on the cd have been listed on the cover with a number of recording groups, logos and coupy right information. all this needs to be presented on the album so customers know there rights.

This is the CD for the album and its in black ad white. The actual CD has been designed to make it look like we are in space with white dots placed on it. like the back of the album information on our rights has been placed on it. other information of directors and other people have been written around the rim of the CD.