Friday, 11 November 2011

how to love

The editing showed in this scene is her walking in slow motion which add to the drama of her turning away in misery from her HIV test results. A good way to show emotion is the way that the scene shows how she has reacted, ad by this they used  slow motion to capture the emotion of the womans face and also her fear as she runs of out the hospital. Another use of effects is the way they review the ladies life through all that she has been through. The edit used is a fast forward type effect which adds to the drama and also has an input into telling the story of the woman as her life is played back in a flashback way. the type of editing in this video is not of a regular hip hop video apart from the scene where the girl is in a strip club

Everything in the scene includes different objects and people, the main aim of this song was to tell a story so different parts of the scene link to what the lyrics are saying. there are also a diverse range of characters in this video with different ethnicity ,Unlike a normal hip hop video where most of he people are of  black origin.

the main shots used in this video are medium and long shots.
medium- using a medium shot can either get the whole body in a shot and show it up close. the producers of this video did this because it was a video for showing emotion. 
long shot- using a long shot in a video is more useful if effects are going to be used because then we can see he effects used at its maximum e.g. slow motion.

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