Wednesday, 2 May 2012

One minute extract

J Cole - Work out (one minute extract)
What skills have you used in the production of this extract
Because I only had one minute to try and create a video that used a lot of effects and creative thinking. This also helped to train myself in using software to create my actual coursework. The beginning of the video I used a filter to change the colour of the video like the original one. It made it look much brighter like the artist was living in a dream world and thinking about how events that led up to him being able to date a girl. I also had to try and get the artist to lip sync to the video and it worked very well as he was also riding a bike. The second scene of the video a tracking shot of the two females walking was used to show there journey to the main artist playing with the basket ball. The group start to play basket ball and one of the females shoot the ball in the hoop but miss. Another effect was used here as i reversed the shot 3 times to show the ball going in and out and then continuing with the shot. The bright filter has still continued through the video. Some of the shots have been zoomed in as well.

How this video conforms or subverts the conventions of your chosen genre
the video conforms to the conventions my chosen genre which is hip hop and we can see this by the setting of the one minute extract. I shot the video in a basket ball court where a lot of hip hop videos are shot with a typical scene with girls and boys mixing together. The artist is also riding a bike around the area which shows a youthful life as it is also typical for boys to ride bikes to such places like park ect. The artist is also wearing typical clothing of a hip hop artist which are mainly tracksuits and baseball hats. We could say it is stereotypical of a black male to wear such but it also ignites the obvious and straight away tells us what kind of video is going to show. The ending scene where the male shows signs of interest to the girl is also another typical factor showed in the majority of hip hop videos.  the type of girls showed in these videos are called vixens but we were unable to show other scenes with girls present as they were further along in the video.

What this had made you include/reconsider about your own coursework (if at all)?
Thought out my planning i have seen that i would like to change up the original conventions of a hip hop music video and not make it obvious that is.  So I will be taking some of the typical conventions of a hip hop video and be using them in my own but rather the females would be the focus of my actual video rather than the male. Also, there are many effects that will need to be added to the whole of my video. Just practicing with this one minute extract has also brought more ideas to include in my actual video to make it as creative as possible.

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