Sunday, 11 March 2012

Digi pak 2

This is another hip hop artist digipak entitled 'pink friday' The album has been made to suit the barbie type As you can see the artist herself has been dressed to look like barbie . her legs have been made longer. the background is baby pick which is barbies trademark colour. The album title has also been placed at he bottom of the album with the pink in the font of barbie. The artist costume is quiet extreme wearing a gown like a princes would and also wearing a pink wig.

This is the back of the didpak and it has all the song titles listen on it. The artist is also present on the back of the didpak posing very prominently like a barbie. The album name is on both sides of the album with a thin pink background. like most other albums any copyright information has been placed there along side any of the recording labels. the whole album covers the title name which is pink Friday and a lot f the features are pink like her clothing and the background.

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