Saturday, 10 March 2012

Digi pak Analysis 1

As part of my research for my music video, i have had to look at different types of advertisin ad media platorms in which i could sell my album. i am going to loo at 3 different digipaks and analyse the suitabilty and the effectiveness it has on the album. The first digipak is lil waynes album 'i am not human' this album is very bold with the colours and the way he colours have been diffused to make it look like he is not on earth.the background has also been blured with a solid image of him standing which makes it seem as if he is looking for the right place to go. the writing also has a signature design to it and it is distorted . his sunglasses have been completely blocked out with the reflection of what he is looking at and makes it look like alien eyes. there are not much characters in the actual cover but the colours ,writitng and his posing work well together to produce a digipak that relates to his album.

This is the back of the album and it has the same colour scheme as the front but this time the artist is walking away from the scene and his face is black and white. His clothes are also quiet trashy and earth looking which ma represent the face that he has been looking every where for something we may not know but has had no luck in finding it. all the tracks on the cd have been listed on the cover with a number of recording groups, logos and coupy right information. all this needs to be presented on the album so customers know there rights.

This is the CD for the album and its in black ad white. The actual CD has been designed to make it look like we are in space with white dots placed on it. like the back of the album information on our rights has been placed on it. other information of directors and other people have been written around the rim of the CD.

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