Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cast members

J Hustle the main artist we are using for our music video. His task is to sing the choruses and verses in the song How to love as this is the song we are using. He is supposed to be a an american hood artist who is releasing his new song. The reason behind his name beign J Hustle is that it fits the market criteria for hip hop as they use other names for their stage name rather than their real one.

Ben(left)- he is the abusive husband in the relationship who abuses his wife played by ama. his role is to bring out the emotion within the song and show actions of abuse to his wife. We used him because he looked suited for the role we wanted him to play.
Ama- the wife to an abusive huband. who is pictured above. she has suffered years of abussed which is portrayed throught the scenes in the video.
Faith- Faith has been subject to drug abuse and started taking them at an early age.  In the end she dies as the drugs had taken over her .

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