Monday, 12 March 2012

Digi Pak 3

This is another album cover of the artist song we are using for our music video. this is his current album. Lil waynes albums have been following him through his journey of being a baby to a boy. His previous albums were of him as a new born baby and a todler and now a primary school student. The smart idea is that he adds all of his facial tattoos and piercings to his baby pictures to show that he was still some sort of a gangster when he was little. the emphasis on him growing up is the graduation costume he is wearing. To make his actual image stand out ,the background is white with his clothing strong and bold colours. The font is quiet simple with the number of the album in roman numerals like all his previous ones. There is also important information placed on the album where everyone will see it which is 'parental advisory' which shows that the album may not be for younger children to listen to.

This is the cd for the album and it is very simple with only big text covering the whole CD and a red background with thin white lines going down it. the trademark colour of this album is defiantly red.

This is the back of the Album and it still has red present on it. This time the image of the artist is of him as he is now but blurred into 3 different images and it gets fainter. The Song titles like all other songs have been placed on the back of the album. the back cover looks very dark and dingy. Recording labels are also on the album with different types of logos and names of producers.

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