Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Conventions of a hip hop video


The editing showed in the first scene is her walking in slow motion which adds to the drama of her turning away in misery from her HIV test results. A good way to show emotion is the way she has reacted was by using slow motion. The colour of the video is quiet blue and it makes it look cold and dim.  most of the video has been played in slow motion because it looks as if it is a preview of the girls life as she grows up.

the lighting within the video is natural light used to show a day time scene. during the parts where they are in the club stage lights of different colours were used. during the scene where the lady finds out her test results the lighting is really bright and almost shows her looking pale which makes i look like she has woken up from a dream.

Everything in the scene includes different objects and people, the main aim of this son was to tell a story so different parts of the scene link to what the lyrics are saying.

As the song is rather slow and subtle the sounds are not heavy except for the drum beat as it drops. There is also a little bit of script which is rather emotional so it has been played over the music.

Cultural references
There are many cultural references to this video. A lot of black people go through a lot of deprivation and many are subject to abuse from their partners. The video clearly shows this.

Social Values
The video might affect people in the sense that it is quiet a sensitive topic and some people go through this.

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