Monday, 9 April 2012

Shoting plans

Shooting schedule- a brief outline of what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis for about 2 weeks.
  • All individual parts of filming with words on cards should be done and completed in one day as each clip should not take more than 6 seconds to film.

  • Faiths drug shot of her dying should be shot multiple scenes of this and the best one will be picked. Around 30 minuets to do this.

  • Scenes with Ama and Ben taking a stroll in a park holding hands then hitting Ama after to be recorded. This should take a few hours to shoot in case there are any people walking in the path way that may disrupt our scene. Also the walk needs to be quiet long as we need a long shot of this scene.

  • We all need to make our way to Cheshunt bridge where we will shoot multiple scenes of Amina on the bridge and then without her to create an emotional scene that she died by committing suicide. Also scenes at a make shift memorial ground could be taken. We would need to buy flowers and get a picture of the actor who has died with some candles to create this scene.

  • Scenes from the middle f the music video will also need to be shot like scene where drugs are collected by the dealer this should be set in a run down alley way.
  • Reasons for shooting each day will fasten the process of it. Also I have decided that I would like to edit and film as we go along so we know the flow of we are producing.

What is the music video theme ?
The theme of the video is pop/ hip-hop type genre but the scenes are not typical it is just a short preview of people lives and what they are going through.

What kind of location should each sequence have ?
This is dependant on what is going on in the scene. As most of them are quiet emotional and dark they should be shot in areas relevant to them. For example we are shooting a drug scene the area should be dingy and dark because it will not be normal to shoot it in a ckean area where people normally use.

What statement should each location make towards the video premise?
It should definitely have a correlation to it. If it was random we would have to explain reasons and give evidence for the choice we made. But we have decided to keep it simple so everything is obvious and normal.

How should each set be lit?
As we are shooting scenes that are happening in real life we will be using mostly natural day light. We are also planning to make the whole video black and white so we do not exactly want all scenes to be dark.

What kind of props go with the set ?
We have 3 main scenes going in our music video. For the drug scene we will re create a scene where the actor will be taking drugs to do this we have decided that using baby powder to look like cocaine will be quiet effective.
For the memorial scene we will buy flowers and use an old school picture of the actor which could be really affective.

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