Friday, 13 April 2012

Advert conventions (print) 2

Colour and Text
Like the first advertising post i created, this one has the same kind of colour scheme to it. Only two colours have been used which are pink and black. The artist name has been placed in a bold pink text to show that the magazine will show a large chunk of information on him. The important parts of the article are in pink the eye catching parts that they want audiences to see. As the text becomes smaller it shows less significant information within the article. The magazine name obviously being the biggest art of the text on the cover.

Lil Wayne is pictured in the center of the magazine and his picture takes u most of the space. His army print jacket also goes with the colour scheme for the magazine and the have probably done this on purpose. like other articles Lil Wayne is half naked with his tattoos on show and him wearing heavy jewelry which is normally gold or silver.His trousers are half way down with his boxers showing and a belt with heavy gold writing on it. He also has gold watches and bracelets around his arms. i will defiantly be using a photo shoot like this for my cover to capture my target audience.

Appeal to audience
This magazine cover definitely has a better appeal to a female audience because of his posing he is half naked and the colours used. Vibe magazine is also popular for featuring the most famous artist in their magazine so it is ideal they keep their appearance up.

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