Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Here are the results we obtained from our questionnaire of 20 people and the feedback used to lead to many of our decisions for our album

Question1: Are you male or female? 
  1. Male  10
  2. Female 10
    we decided to give the questionnaire to 10 girls and 10 boys so that we could get a general opinion on what we wanted. 
Question 2: what age group do you fall into? 
  1. Under 15 1
  2. 16-21 9
  3. 22-26 7
  4. 27+ 3
    We also gave the questionnaire to different age groups. 16-21year olds had answered the questionnaire the most which gave us the idea of the age group we would cater to.
Question 3: what genre of music do you most prefer? 
  1. Pop 2
  2. Hip hop/ RnB12
  3. Soul  3
  4. Classic 0
  5. Jazz  0
  6. Country 0
  7. Indie  3
  8. Other _____________ 
    we found that hip hop and RnB was the most popular genre which was followed by soul and indie music. classic and jazz scored zero which gave us the idea that  the age group we wanted to target didn't like such music because maybe it was not during their time.

Question 4: what name do you feel will be more suitable for the hip hop artist? 
  1. J Hustle 17
  2. Joey stacks  1
  3. Killer 1
  4. Lil JJ  1
  5. Other _________________ 0
    Another important question we wanted to ask the group is the name of what our artist will be. we combined a list of obvious hip hop names that people give themselves and used that on our questionnaire . J Hustle was the most popular which had 17/20 of the people wanting it as our artist name.
Question 5: we have decided to use a  track of Lil Wayne – which song of his songs do you think will represent our Artist? 
  1. Stole  2
  2. How to love 14
  3. Love lost 2
  4. Hope 2
  5. Other _______________ 
    To complete some of the features of creating a new artist we asked which on of these track titles would be used. How to love was the most popular and we then used this to set a scene for our music video. 

Question 6: which name do you feel is best suited with a hip hop artist album? 
  1. Catch me  if you can volume 7
  2. Better than ever 3
  3. Come and get me  5
  4. How you like me now 5
    The album name was also something we wanted to create so that it will relate to the track song and we used come and get me instead of the top scored one catch me if you can. Come and get me sounds like something new which would scream out as an album name if it was put on shelves. 

Question 7: what artist in the hip hop music industry do you feel is best suited to play out role of our music artist? 
  1. Jay z 2
  2. Lil wayne 7
  3. Bird man  3
  4. 50 cent 6
  5. Tinie tempah  2
  6. Other_______________


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