Saturday, 14 April 2012

Initial Branding

As a group we have decided what exactly we would our Artist album name and and track to be called. we also conducted a short survey for 10 people to give us a few ideas on what we would like to be featured in our album. 

Album name : COME AND GET ME
we decided to called the album name this because we thought it would be catchy as our artist is relatively new we thought by calling it come and get me it was a hidden message that may want other producers to come and get him as he wanted to b the best of the best. Also if some one would see 'Come and Get me' on a shelf in a store they would automatically go straight to it and purchase it as it is appealing to their mind.

Track name: HOW TO LOVE
As we are re creating the original song 'how to love' we have decided to keep the same name for our own video as it directly relates to the scenes in our video that we are making.

Artist name : J HUSTLE
many rapers to day have unique gangster type names and they have no meaning behind it, but our artist real name is Jason so we used his initial as a stepping stone into getting the artist name and decided to add hustle to it.

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