Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ancillary task




I didnt want to use so much colour in my magazine advert due to the fact that the digi pak had alot of colour in it and it was rather bright. So i resulted in using three main colour red,black and white and other colours for the official logos. Using a dark background and then a bright colour for the text was a good idea so that if a person was flicking through the magazine then they would straight away see the white writing and read what it says. I outlined the important information in white which was key for the audience to see. i ensured that the background of my page was something that would go well with the colour of the text and boxes. I made sure that i faded the boxes so that you could see the background behind it. so the boxes were see though but still had colour at the same time.  added a shaddow effect to the text and the digi pak to make it look more bolder.


This is the image i used as a background for the magazine advert for the digi pak I then added boxes over the background for the text then added white text so that i could show through and be clear. to make the bacground colour co ordinate with the text and boxes i changed the colour of the image to black and white then also changef the contrast and brightness of it to make it really dark . i did this because it represents a street and hip hop theme with a dingy back street which might mean different things to people. i wanted it to look 'hood' and gangster type to show where my artist background is from. the original picture looks rather artistic and posh so i had to change it up to make it seem like what i wanted to.  the digi pak was also importatnt toput on the advert to show what the album was and how it looked so maybe the audeicne where able to purchase it.


There is little text used in this advert for a good reason which is that the focus of the advert was the digi pak and new album. if there was more text it would not be as straight up. i only added the key and important parts that an advert needs which was where to buy it from and what the album included. I was able to get the logos of different music shops and put them on the advert t show where they can get it from online and in store. I wanted to use basic colours for my digi pak and advert so that it can easily stand out from the page. the shapes of the boxes were just regular squares as i tried to keep it as simple as possible but with an edgy background. the most important features of the album were made larger like the size of the digi pak and where it was placed.

my artist appeals more to a hip hop/ pop group. there are many different magazines that it could go in from the most popular being rolling stone and vibe black male magazine. most of the target markets that buy these magazines would definitely look through every page and see what my artist is promoting.
The target audience has remained the same through out the production of my coursework. the features i have added to my advert are just the same as it would be in a typical music magazine. this could also increase sales of my album as new customers may  arise everyday as he is a new up coming artist.


  1. Looks good. Slight problem - these were the briefs I set, from the board:

    1. A promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video, together with two of the following three options:

    a website homepage for the band;

    a digipak for the album’s release;

    a magazine advertisement for the digipak.

    This is a magazine front cover...meeting the deadlines in the first place might have made this slightly less worrying. You need to make this in to a magazine advert for the digipak.

  2. There is some great stuff there though, you just need to change your form. Did the other two help you with this? I have to admit I am slightly confused by the division of labour from your group as none of you have go a complete blog's worth of material so am having a difficult time working out exactly who is missing what apart from the answers 'all of you' and 'a lot'.

  3. Have a quick proof read for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

    Typography - specific comments on colour, shape, size, style and placement and how this appeals to an audience and what is suggests about your artist please.

    Final section - appears to end mid sentence. Check and possibly repost.