Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Editing and video production

As we started filming and editing quiet late to our due date, a lot of time and effort had to be put into our video as we have little tie left to produce it. Amina has helped us a lot by learning how to use Final cut pro properly whilst me and Ama are in charge of making sure filming gets done. we have tried to accomplish shooting a majority of 3 scenes a day n order to get it done and loaded onto the MAC computers quickly. Because of us starting late we have lost our work 2 times due to us not backing it up onto another USB . Many of the things within our music video have not all been to plan , but we have found ways to sort this out in order for our actual video to look good. As Amina has been learning how to use final cut pro, she has also grasped how to do different effects on the video which actually work to our benefit.
Will be posting more about how our editing is coming along !

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  1. I am pleased with the honesty in this post - label it 'evaluation' as well. It is good that you have identified this as it might make the difference in what band I can award you.