Friday, 13 April 2012

Advert Conventions (print)

As one of my final pieces i will be creating a magazine cover to go along with my product. As my artist is working for a hip hop company i have chosen Lil Wayne to do . As Lil Wayne is a hip hop artist it is normal for them to show all their tattoos and jewelry and also have there trousers down as that is the typical hip hop artist.

Colour and Text
There is little colour used as it is on a plain white background , the only colour used is the magazine logo which is situated behind the image of him and a few of other artist names around the magazine. the most predominant colouring is the black writing which is all over the front page. On the front cover there is little text but the text that is more important is in a much larger size and font than the rest. The bit that is very ye catching is the part that says 'I AM NOT HOT. I'M GREAT' most people will agree to this as Lil Wayne is not an attractive artist but most people love him for his ego and music. the font used is quiet hip hop type with a graffiti style font which many rappers use on their albums and advertising.

Lil Wayne's picture takes up most of the page and when artist feature on the front page of a magazine cover it more or less means there must be an article about them . Lil wanes posture and posing seems rather scary and has a defiant look on his face to show popularity and confidence. he also seems to be holding a piece of his clothing which could be a gesture in which he wants to show his tattoo art. like other rappers his trousers are half down and this is symbolism of 'the gangster' type in America. His hair is also not groomed and he has dread locks which a lot of black rappers have these days. Its not v very clear but we can see that he is wearing a long silver chain another item which a lot of rappers wear in videos and photo shoots.

Appeal to audience 
when an audience has a favorite icon be it raper or singer the first thing they would look for i a magazine is if they are in it. and at most times people will buy the magazine if their favorite artist is there. This is how advertisers have to create an engaging front cover for it to capture the eyes of the target audience. In my own print advertising i will be creating a cover like this where my artist will be on the front cover and will be the main thing that captures the audiences eyes.

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