Friday, 13 April 2012

Music video analysis

The song N**gas in Paris was sung by Jay Z and Kanye West with a video to the song as well. The 2 made a joint hip hop album together entitled Watch The Throne. The song has been one of the most popular videos of 2012 and i believe that it will remain popular for a lot of years to come. in an interview with Kanye west he told us what the song was about "I am where art meets commercial. The sweet spot between the hood and Hollywood. Having a conversation with Karl Lagerfeld and Jay-Z within the same hour. When we’re in Paris dressing all crazy at fashion shows, we listening to Jeezy. Jeezy in Paris, that’s what it is."

Camera Angles
The video has only 1 main angle which is a close mid shot. The only shot that is quiet close is when the camera rotates around the performers Kanye and Jay Z. Also the audience videoed in the video aslo are included in the mid shot which mostly shows their hand and not their full bodies.You can also see their facial expressions which shows that the shots are quiet close. There is only one long shot camera view which is when the artist are on the stage far away with the arena f audience in it.

This has to be one of the most edited videos in video making history and the graphics used are similar to that of a kaleidoscope . the video has a split screen where you see double of everything and when the 2 sides merge together then it creates the effect that we are looking through a kaleidoscope .There are also a lot of laser lights that go through the video and i believe the sole aim of the video was to make it seem that they were in a live concert in Paris. They have also added writing to the video at parts where they are singing they added some of the lyrics. They did this because it were part that fans would remember and when people do this just by saying one word they would know what iconic song it was.

As the video is played out in their real life concert, the artists have little props apart from their microphones. Kanye west costume is rather unusual he wears a skirt and boots which is not like his regular style. Jay Z however sticks to what her normally wears which is a leather jacket and baseball cap. The lighting in the video bright with a lot of flashing lights . As the back drop of the arena is pitch black like all concerts are the lighting is rather affective as we can see in the video a lot of bright blue has been used.  Stage light and flashes from editing are used to stimulate the kaleidoscope effect. The setting in the video is in an arena where they performed one of their concerts. This is a rather unusual setting but more and more artist are starting to do this. the only thing unique about this video is the fact they prepared for it in advance rather than getting various clips from different concerts and merging them together. The only make up used is that of the audience which are the girls in the video.

Although there is only one significant camera angle in this video, the way the producers have managed to get different effects and shots within that angle has been very affective in a sense that we are looking at many different visuals at the same time. If there were no effects within this video for example the kaleidoscope and mirror effect it would not be engaging the audience. There is no real story being developed through the video because of the story of it being set as a concert.
The prominent focus of the video are the two artists Kanye west and Jay Z. as they are the main characters in the music video it is important they feature in it so we get an idea of what the song and video is about.
There are many transitions that have been used throughout this whole video and the man one would be the fact that the lights flash all the way through to change to a different setting. Also there is a mirror effect where the artist faces appear in one shot multiple times in different shapes.
This video is very effective as the use of editing with effects is very smart and keeps the audiences captivated and attached to it. The video currently has just over 17.1 million views which shows have popular it is.

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