Monday, 30 April 2012

Magazine analysis

The colour of this album magazine advert is quiet out there. And the background seems like it is a shipwrecked picture and the contrast has been changed into a dark and sea blue colour to show this. Like many magazine adverts the most informative like the part that says album out now has been put in big black and white writing. The artist name and his album name stand out with the white writing underneath a luminous pink box to bring the colour out even more.
The only image used is the Digi pak album cover and it has been placed in the middle of the advert but it is very small not giving us the privilege to see it properly. This is a great disadvantage as the audience may not be able to see it properly and remember what it looks like if they were to get it in a shop. The background image has been shot from inside a room looking out a window . His title of the album 'the proximity effect' also relates to the album image as it is a close distorted shot of the view of outside and this relates to the title. 
The fonts used within the text are not normal fonts on Microsoft but fonts created in a special software. The whole effect of this album was to make it look unusual. As stated before. The text is really small at the bottom but it is readable.

The colour scheme shows a lot of greens reflective of meaning of the typography. The convention of the colour green promotes naturalistic theme and It's associated with the new growth of spring, prosperity, and clean, fresh air. The subtle gesture upon the artist's face shows that the content upon the album will be quite mellow and calm. The typography and the main image are juxtapositions as were the picture is suitable for all ages the meaning of the typograpghy insinuate drug usage which is quite  mature and adult rates. The font of the text is very contrasts to the colour scheme well therefore the name of the album is presented clearly to the view. With no image of the album cover it makes it difficult for the album to look for the actual product showing a advertisement flaw.   The advert seems to be very informational in sense where the artist's contact information is available, however this is usually present with unsigned artists, therefore this information would be irrelevant to the final draft of our product.


  1. Need the text as well establishing what the conventions of these products are in terms of colour, image, text, typography, representation of the artists, appeal to the target audience.

    Also need your actual advert too and an analysis of that as a separate post.

    1. "Also need your actual advert too and an analysis of that as a separate post." Which I have now found :) Apologies.

  2. have a look at the first image. Go back in to the posting temlpate and adjust resize the image slightly in the 'insert image' function to make it fit your blog template.