Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Change in editing

I will be using the same blog post to update any work that my group and i have done during the shooting weeks. I will also upload a few videos to show what we have filmed.

14th March
This is the 1st day of editing and we have been able to shoot the scene in the bath room where Faith has died and fallen on the floor. We tried to capture a number of shots of this so we were able to get the best ones for our video. 

21st March

we have left it too long to film but we have had to change the filming as the costumes used are not the same. We went to the bridge at cheshunt to film Amina scene of where she has stand by the bridge as if she is attempting suicide. We had to shoot this a few times due to the fact there was a lot of people walking past.

28th March

We wanted to shoot the couples seen taking a stroll in the park and this was a bit tricky as there were dogs and people walking about whilst we were shooting. We did eventually get a few good shots.

29th april

Today we need to get the photoshoot done of the artist and any other members of the record label.

3rd April

Faith scene needs to be urgently filmed due to the time  we have for using the MAC room. We did it and had to due it a few times due to Ama not knowing what to press on the camera. We had to bring some props to school and get them authorized by our teacher because we had alcohol bottles.

4th April
As we have just had a lesson at Cheshunt school we were able to go to the burial ground and shoot the scene where amina has died. We had to bring our own props which were some candles and a photo of her. 

5th April
Today we were able to shoot the scenes where we all run away whilst looking at the camera.

12th April
today was dedicated to getting multiple scenes of the  artist jason so we could have different shots of him in the video

16th April

 We have most of the scenes edited and we just want to get a few more scene to build up the time for the video. I went outside with ama to film her running scene in an open park area
20th April

a few random shots of Amina were taken getting bullied by some girls we used. She also recorded herself touching her face  at a real close up shot.

25th April
We used our school entrance as a hospital scene so it would look like ama was waiting for her results. we also filmed Ben abusing her 

26th April
 Webcammmm !! today we sprung up with such a great idea about shooting ourselves via webcam to create a personal affect to the video. As a group we have decided to add a few extra pieces to our video, our video is quiet on the emotional side of things, we wanted to give it a personal touch. So at the ending part of it we are going to do an effect where we each talk to the web cam about why we are in the position we have come to and what it has resulted to. we will be muting the sound track so you can actually hear what we are saying.We talked for about 2 mins each about the experiences and situations we are in.
27th April

Faith story line was not so clear so we wanted to shoot another scene of her actually taking drugs so we used baby powder to create this effect.

1st May
More editing was done and we then had time to add effects to our video e.g. heartbeats  and transitions.
3rd May 
:( looks like we have lost our work  and have to put the scenes back in place BUT we had it on a friends usb and the video was restored and completed. !!!!

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